Where can you find our Books?


Are you a reader who wishes to purchase our titles? If you reside in the U.S., you can find our titles in all major bookstores (Barnes & Noble, ColBorders, Books a Million, etc.) as well as in all book and retail stores that sell books in the Spanish language.

If you reside outside of the United States, here is a list of some of the major international bookstores and distributors that offer our titles: International bookstores and distributors.
You can also find our titles in Amazon.com and all other major online stores.

Are you a book distributor or bookstore, in the U.S. or international, who wants to distribute our titles? To find our the terms and discounts to distribute our titles in the retail market, please contact us at orders@tdee.com or call (800) 743-9486Do you want to receive information about about our titles, covers, excerpt, Interviews with the authors and information exclusively for booksellers. Subscribe to our Bookstores Confidential

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We are committed to help public libraries expand their Spanish-language collections with books and audiobooks that provide the positive messages, resource information and life skills necessary for personal, financial and professional success. The titles in these collections provide Latinos strategies for parenting, time-management, goal setting, business, health, etc.

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Special Markets

Are you a company, organization, book club, gift shop or mail order catalog that wants to sell our titles to compliment your products or services? We work corporations and other special markets on sales of books to be offered to their customers, sales people or employees, or to be used promotionally or given away. Our ability to customize or reformat our books to fit almost any budget or package allows us to create great value to our clients , please contact us at spsales@tdee.com or call (800) 743-9486


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